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Hampshire home and garden of Garden Designer Marylyn Abbot who is recreating elements of the garden, specifically the topiary and whimsical elements from her own Alice in Wonderland Garden, at Chelsea Flower Show 2014;These images depict West Green Gardens in early summer, corresponding to Chelsea Flower Show Timings. Winter images of Marylyns Garden can also be found on this site.
R.H.S. 'The Topiarist’s Garden is based on an original concept by Marylyn Abbott for a garden in front of the remains of the bothy at West Green House in Hampshire. The garden was designed as a personal space for a conventional gardener influenced by the tradition of “Topia opera”. In this small walled space, he could indulge his passion for eclectic topiary designs, which are haphazardly placed amongst his favourite perennials.'

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