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If you can't grow your own gifts at least plant personlised flowering presents for friends and family.Pot up beautiful, decorative planters and innovative containers for giving or lighting up displays at home. Down in the potting shed gather seasonal plants, hellebores, scented narcissi, fragrant hyacinths, snowy pussywillow and pot up, topping with velvety green moss. Decorate with cones, candles, even small Christmas decorations. Weave a bit of the potting shed into your displays, tiny terracotta pots in a wreath, miniature watering cans, sacking, twigs and twine for authentic hand made gifts.

At home decorate the tree with fresh flowers, white roses and a snow storm of gypsophilia set in bulb vases wired to Christmas tree branches, decorate tree fronds with stems of snowy pussy willow, dress tables with fragrant planters, perfumed with seasonal bulbs and Christmas roses, bringing a fresh and fragrant ambiance to the festive home.

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