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Derek Jarman ( 1942-94) was an English film director .He made a coastal shingle garden right on the seashore, surrounding his pitch and yellow clapboard seaside home, Prospect Cottage,close by to Dungeness power station. The garden is said to be of post modernist style. He notoriously planted the garden with an eclectic mix of wild and cultivated plants. He created 'artworks' out of flotsam and jetsam , washed up on the shore and other rejected materials he recycled into art, which he set amongst his shingle footed plants to create an open air 'gallery'. The garden is limitless, there are no boundaries ,it just melds seamlessly back into nature; the sea, the sky, the shingle. The shingle is an unusual but prosperous and forgiving garden substrate; whilst it limits the plants which can grow, those that do have a ready made mulch, it can be readily weeded and you can garden without leaving trademark footprints or newly turned soil. The rugged plants are fit for purpose, withstand the winds, the salt spray and the summer sun. An iconic and most unusual garden.

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