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Chateau de Malmaison was the official residence of Napoleon and Josephine Bonaparte ( 1799-1814). The chateau and encircling country estate is located half an hour west of central Paris and is now a museum and garden open to the public. It contains many fine paintings, tapestries, furnishings and furniture belonging to the couple or relevant to the period.
Chateau de MalmaisonChateau de MalmaisonPortrait of Josephine BonapartePortrait of Josephine Bonapartedecor detailingTapestry of Josephine Bonaparte 1808-1810, by GobelinsPortriat of Josephine BonapartePortrait of NapoleonPainting of Napoleon distributing flowers, by Jean Louis Victor Viger de Vigneau 1866painted border in Chateau de MalmaisonPainted border in Chateau de MalmasionJosephines jewelry boxChateau de MalmaisonRose garden at Chateau de Malmaison18th century vase depicting 'Springtime'Statue of Neptune de Paget, Malmaison.

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