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The Grande Braderie de Lille;Europe's largest flea market, with around 10,000 vendors and over 80 miles of street side merchandise, held annually the first weekend of September. The Braderies attracts over 2 million national and international visitors and some 10,000 vendors; international dealers, brocanteurs, flea market and car booters. Many citizens of Lille fling open their doors, courtyards and garages to sell their own pre loved goods.
Theres a party atmosphere, all cars are banned and every cobbled street or white lined carriggeway is bedecked in vintage of some kind. Restriants too spill across the streets, selling , mostraditonal moule frites, over 500 tons of moules are served up over the single weekend. There are beautiful buildings in the old town, as well s traditional fruit and flower markets. Elsewhere the magnificent squares boast stunning historic architecture.
Each imge is street named so you can find your way round the different districts.

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