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Plants and flowers for TET, or lunar New Year celebrations ( 19th feb 2015) are grown in SW Vietnams flower village Sa Dec. They are grown largely in pots on raise bamboo benches outdoors. The area is prone to flooding, which suits the indigenous rice crop but not the plants and flowers. However the rain water and flood water from the Mekong delta serves to irrigate the plants throughout their growing period. Plants are brought to Sa Dec also from neighbouring villages by boat and transported tom lorries for transportation to Vietnams cities for celebrations.
In Saigon there is a huge night ( wholesale) and Day( retails) flower market. Very much like Covent Garden Flower market with the exception that customers actually ride through on scooters and bikes, piling high their purchases as they wend their way through the market. Theres also a large plant street market with an array of bright flowering plants for new year celebrations; poinsettias( all outdoor!!) bougainvillea's, bonsai plants etc. These too are precariously piled onto two wheelers and teeter off into the chaotic traffic of Saigon.

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