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Chatou biannual antiques fair( March and September) showcases over 400 industry approved antique and vintage vendors. It attracts buyers and collectors from all over the world, they bargain they chat, they ship, they feast.
Literally a pop-up tented village on the Ile des Impressionists, west of central Paris. Here Renoir famously painted 'Luncheon of the Boating Party', the restaurant Fournaise still serves clients here to this day.
The fair has something for everyone, from panels, woodwork, mirrors, furniture and furnishings to fashion, china, glasswareware. Theres an avenue dedicated to food and drink, most famously oysters and champagne but also wines,confit de canard, sausages and ham. The fair was formerly located in central Paris and known as the Brocante and Ham Fair and dates back to 1840. Today hams are still sold but the emphasis is on french lifestyle and decor.

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