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Plasterwork; sklled art practised over hundreds of years from tiny, intricate carved ceiling roses to dramatic cornicing and ceiling work, the plaster works quickly with his medium, deftly creating a unique, monochrome piece of art, embroidering otherwise unembellsihed surfaces.

Use impressive , decorative plasterwork to embellish the festive home or give as original, unique gifts.The beautiful ice cool , snow white nature of plaster makes a perfect foil for the brighter trappings of Christmas, simply set aglow with candle light for a romantic , emotive setting, the warm glow highlighting intricate carved details.
Set church candles on redundant plaster balustrades or inverted ceiling roses, arrange seasonal sprays in decorastive plaster wall hangings, decorate the Christmas tree with snowflake plaster 'roses' and authentic cherubs, these also make romantic gift tags.Give gifts in theme;seek out time worn plaster paperweights, employ corbles as bookends and plaster discs as decorative plaques bringing a touch of timeless beauty and art to an oft overdressed season.

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