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An American Galanthophile , inspired by a British magazine feature, flew the Atlantic to do the 'snowdrop season' in the UK. He first visited Colesbourne Park and was immediately smitten with the huge voluminous drifts of snowdrops as well as the wide and ever increasing range of definitive cultivars, there are an estimated 3,000 cultivars of which Colesbourne has many, including Victorian cultivars right through to the latest 6 petalled white pocular forms and orange tipped blooms.Ernie returned to his home in Long Island and now , a decade on,has amassed his own extensive collection of some 300 varieties. They include many UK cultivars, despite importation difficulties, as well as several American and Canadian specimens.
in 2017 he has discovered an exciting and unusual green tipped double his plants. He returns each year to tour Britian's snowdrop festival, some 300 gardens now open in February to show off, exchange and sell the latest blooms.
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