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Bring the charm of the seashore to your seasonal home. Decorate with treasures gathered from holidays abroad, or on the beaches at home with family and friends, collating and sharing a year full of memories in the festive season.Select a subtle sea-green Norweigian spruce for your tree- sturdy enough for more weighty decorations.

Make decorations;
Jars filled with shells and a tealight for 'safe'candles on the tree,hook larger shells over fairy lights and set them aglow, spray star fish silver and gold,thread shells with fishing line or raffia, chalk festive messages on holed pebbles and stones,make angels with shell faces and wings,wrap sail boat gifts with wrapping paper sails,fill storm lanterns with shells and large church candles, illuminate sea urchins with tea lights.
All bring a unique and romantic look to the festive season and celebrate the year gone by.

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