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BOOK OR MONTHLY SERIAL; Little pockets of flowers dotted throughout your garden, in raised beds, planters, window boxes, in the herb garden , little picking patches for you to forage from your garden throughout the year; flowers, branches, berries which can be snipped and picked to make simple delightful arrangements indoors. Five minute wonders that anyone can achieve.Snowdrops, hellebores, hyacinths, narcissi, muscari,magnolia,bluebells,lilac,peonies, forget-me-knots,roses,delphiniums, summer annuals, hydrangeas,dahlias, berries,ornamental cabbages.
Vases, troughs, trays,bowls,tea cups, glasses,wreaths, garlands,place settings, hand ties etc.

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Keywords:Snowdrops, annuals, berries, berries, bluebells, bouquets, bowls, branches, bulbs, cabbages.Vases, cups, cut-flowers, dahlias, delphiniums, etc., forget-me-knots, garlands, glasses, hand, hand-ties, hellebores, hyacinths, hydrangeas, lilac, magnolia, muscari, narcissi, ornamental, peonies, pick, place, roses, settings, summer, tea, ties, trays, troughs, wreaths