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Harlow Carr, Yorkshire harbours a historic collection of over a hundred varieties of Rhubarb. Yorkshire is famed for its rhubarb growing prowess and Harlow Carr grows many varieties , old and new within the fruit and vegetable gardens. its grown, surrounded by a collection of blossoming apple trees, in great beds, alongside sweet cicely which was once used to neutralise, rather than sweeten, its sometimes sharp taste.We carried out tasting trials based on stems ready for harvesting, some sweetened with sugar, others with sweet cicely.See the food pages of the web for extensive rhubarb recipes.
HARLOW CARR RHUBARBHARLOW CARR RHUBARBHARLOW CARR RHUBARBHARLOW CARR RHUBARBHARLOW CARR RHUBARBHARLOW CARR RHUBARBHARLOW CARR RHUBARBRHUBARB GROWINGRhubarb FlowerRhubarb with Sweet CicelyHARLOW CARR RHUBARBTen Rhubabrb variety speicmensBasket of Rhubabr stemsRhubarb FlowerTrug of Rhubarb stemsTrug of Rhubarb stems in Rhubabrb beds, Harlow CarrRhubarb tasting trialsFood; Rhubarb crumble with sweet cicelyRhubarb tasting trialsRhubarb tasting trials

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