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The servants quaters to a large Victorian house backing onto Richmond park. A vast recent extension, 8 metres by 5m, plus open kitchen, has revolutionised this property to create a perfect , large studio space with both vintage and contemporary built in features including; antique french double doors, vintage chateau kitchen wall to wall ceiling to floor dresser, contemporary feature fireplace.

The vast roomis provides studio conditions, has space,height and lightwith 4 sky lights , windows on each lateral and 4 of the rear french doors open on to a grey stone terrace before climbing to the lawned and terraced large garden ( which dog legs beyond a potting shed and summerhouse, up a slope to Richmond Park wall.
Whilst the extension is the main atraction, there is a seperate 'snug' room with high ceilings, vintage doors and log pile, upstairs is small but well ordered with a main bedroom with french zinc window trim detail and vintage armoire, there are two other bedrooms , an attractive bathroom and sep. shower.
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